DOWNHILL - Downhill riders don't pedal to the top - They take a chairlift or shuttle - Put the pedals down hard on the descent, picking out the fastest and purest line - Bikes built by Kona for Downhill applications are designed to take the toughest bangs the jumpers dish out. Stab Primo

OUT OF BOUNDS - Out of Bounds describes the incredible trails the Freeriders built & ride - Usually an intricate man-made world of ramps and jumps and stunts - A challenge to the strength, agility and durability of both machine & rider - OB bikes are not just for downhill - Two or three chainrings and a wide gearing range - Designed & built with DH extremes in mind - OB hardtails for slow, trials-style terrain requiring quick bursts of speed - OB dual suspension for the fastest & biggest freeriding you can find. Stinky Stinky Primo Stinky Dee-Lux Stinky Nine Roast Stuff Chute Scab

BACK COUNTRY - For exploring the wilderness on a rig you can rely on - Balances Out of Bounds strength with lightweight Cross-Country performance. Bear Bear Dee-Lux

CROSS-COUNTRY - The most popular form of Mountain Biking - Cross-country dual suspension or hardtails - highly efficient for singletrack or fire road mountain riding - Dual suspension for bumpy & technical rides - Hardtails for smooth, wide-open trails. King Kikapu Manomano Mokomoko Kahuna Kula Explosif Pahoehoe Muni-Mula Caldera Cinder Cone Nunu Lava Dome Blast Hahanna

MOUNTAIN HARDTAIL & COMFORT N'JOY - Mountain and Comfort bikes are ideal for all-round riding - Strong frames & wheels, wide-range gearing and a comfortable ride position work on a wide variety of riding surfaces - If you ride primarily on the road, use a skinny and slick tire - Wide knobbies if you ride mostly on dirt. Lana'i Tiki Aloha Fire Mountain Hula

ROAD - The concept is simple - Whenever you want to stick to the pavement - Road Racing, Cyclo-Cross, Commuting, Touring or just plain fun riding - All part of the complete world of Kona. Jake the Snake Kapu Dr.Dew Unit